Funding Our Dreams

Using the Steem blockchain with the goal of financial freedom for all members.

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Let's fund our dreams, together

The goal is for all of us to be financiallyfree. This is a group effort and we can do it together.

Steem Funds Artists

The world needs art and beauty. No more starving artists! Let's thrive.

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Steem Funds Startups

You have a great business idea but you just need startup funds to get started. Raise your friends and family round with SteemFunds.

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Steem Funds Education

Education isn't free. We often need to purchase supplies and pay tuition for classes. SteemFunds can help you reach your educational goals.

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Steem Funds Anything

Let's be honest. Money makes the world go round. It's okay to enjoy yourself and buy things for fun. Create a SteemFund campaign for any money goal.

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